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Quilt Patterns

Our quilt patterns and quilting books are available for order by mail.
Visit our order page for more information.
Prices include postage to US locations. There is a $1 handling fee per order.

Click on quilt pattern image for a larger view.

Diva 2 Quilt Pattern
Diva 2 - More bold drama to showcase panels (24” x 44”) or yardage. Easy to customize for your diva fabric. 34-37” x 53-55”. 3 versions.
Item: MIQ612 - Diva 2 Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
:)Wobble Quilt Pattern
:)Wobble - Movement in all directions! Cut the centers from FQ’s, Ό yds. or precuts; use more fabrics if desired. Lap 48” x 62” (cover), Twin 70” x 98” (cover), Queen 98” x 98”, King 112” x 112”. Lap quilt has border, the other sizes are borderless.
Item: MIQ611 - :)Wobble Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Destination Bag Quilt Pattern
Destination Bag - A one piece bag with a facing for the handles. Full size paper pattern. 24” from handle to 1 ½” flat bottom x 18 ½” wide. 2/3 yd. of 54” wide denim or home dιcor weight fabric. ½ yd. of cotton for facing. Embellish with large prints, fussy cut and fused.
Item: MIQ515 - Destination Bag Quilt Pattern
Price: $11.98
In-Step Quilt Pattern
In-Step - Underline favorite fabrics and colors in these graphic projects. Multiple FQ centers or yardage. 2 block sizes, 5 quilts. Lap (cover) 45” x 69”, twin 72” x87”, queen 99” x 105”. Mini blocks: 2 sizes, 36” x 40” (cover) and 36” x 52”. 2 centers from each FQ for full size blocks, 4 centers from each FQ for mini blocks.
Item: MIQ514 - In-Step Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Concentricity Quilt Pattern
Concentricity - Make a statement with this wall piece or generous lap project using easy to piece framed squares. Quilts are 36” x 36” and 63” x 76 ½”.
Item: MIQ513 - Concentricity Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Echo Quilt Pattern
Echo - Straight lines create an undulating shape while they echo down the project. 1-2-3 blocks create different sized table projects. Pattern includes instructions for making 1 block into a pillow cover. 18” x 18”, 22” x 22”, 18” x 36”, 18” x 54”.
Item: MIQ512 - Echo Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Tangent Quilt Pattern
Tangent - Let the stripes do their magic and create these optical looking table pieces. 60 degree triangles done up 3 ways. Use a printed stripe (1-1 ½ yds.) or make your own stripe with strip sets. Would be very cute in team colors for a special event! 11” x 46”, 17” x 44”, 17” x 27”.
Item: MIQ511 - Tangent Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Grand Re-Opening Quilt Pattern
Grand Re-Opening - Showcase something special in the centers. Makes a charming holiday or seasonal wall piece, just needs a FQ for the accents of the small size. 26” x 40” and 44” x 54”
Item: MIQ510 - Grand Re-Opening Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Diva Quilt Pattern
Diva - A dramatically bold border to showcase panels (24”x44”) or yardage. Easy to customize for your special diva fabric. 35”x52” or 35”x54”.
Item: MIQ459 - Diva Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Rails Quilt Pattern
Rails - 10 different blocks create this generous lap quilt. Easy to cut and stitch. Uses 8 FQ’s, Ό yd and ½ yd plus background. 54”x74”.
Item: MIQ458 - Rails Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
BQ4 Quilt Pattern
BQ4 - Big off center focus with squares and rectangles. Choose one or many center fabrics cut from FQ’s or yardage. Blocks are 12”x12” and 12”x24”. 2 layouts and 5 quilt sizes from wall/crib to queen: 24”x36”, 60”x72”cover, 96”x108”, 36”x48”cover, 72”x96”.
Item: MIQ457 - BQ4 Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Arrow Quilt Pattern
Arrow - Arrow is created with a spin on bargello using different fabric choices for an updated look. Stitches quickly with a strip set plus cut to size background pieces. Optional Quilt As You Go instructions. 30" x 37", 19.5" x 37", 19.5" x 31".
Item: MIQ456 - Arrow Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Pi2 Quilt Pattern
Pi2 - Dig into your FQ collection for this fun graphic look in four sizes. The 12" x 9" block is rotated by the row. The lighter background can be one fabric or many. 36" x 45", 51" x 72", 63" x 90" or 93" x 108". Includes fabric tips.
Item: MIQ455 - Pi2 Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Spark Quilt Pattern
Spark - Accent bold bands of color with a spark of contrast for a fresh modern look. Lap-54”x66”, Twin-66”x90” and Queen-90”x102” quilt sizes PLUS bonus instructions that turn the quilt top into a duvet cover. Two twin sizes (one is extra wide) and queen for the duvets.
Item: MIQ454 - Spark Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Inversion Quilt Pattern
Inversion - Simple piecing, rotation and a bold accent make this fun to do and look at. 12” blocks. 4 sizes: Wall-36” x 36”, Lap-48” x 60”-shown on cover, twin-66” x 90” and queen 90” x 102”.
Item: MIQ453 - Inversion Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Comet Tails Quilt Pattern
Comet Tails - The surprising circular ends keep your eye moving across this sleek modern lap quilt and generous table mat. A raw edge technique creates the circle ends. 40” x 62” and 20” x 40”.
Item: MIQ452 - Comet Tails Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Bagavond Quilt Pattern
Bagavond - This generous big bag with large outside pockets will hold everything you need for a one night stay. The extra wide handle is pleated to sit on the shoulder. Crisp Dιcor Bond keeps the bag in shape. 14” wide x 16” tall x 7” deep. Pattern includes directional fabric tips. Use 4 fabrics as shown on cover or up to 7 fabrics to mix it up.
Item: MIQ351 - Bagavond Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Stackables 2 Quilt Pattern
Stackables 2 - Grab a stack of FQ’s for these graphic quilts where each fabric demands to be seen. Controlled or wild, the edge fabric ties the 9” blocks together. 4 sizes: Wall and lap (shown on cover) have pieced borders, the twin and queen are borderless for a modern fresh look. Wall-36” x 45”, Lap- 45” x 63”, Twin-72” x 90”, Queen- 90” x 99”.
Item: MIQ350 - Stackables 2 Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Stackables 1 Quilt Pattern
Stackables 1 - Will you stack one fabric or multiple FQ’s for the stacked rows of this bold and dynamic quilt? Success for all skill levels. Two quilt sizes with 10 options for combining your fabric choices. 9” blocks. Lap 48” x 66”(shown on cover) or Queen 84” x 102”.
Item: MIQ349 - Stackables 1 Quilt Pattern
Price: $10.00
Kard Keeper Quilt Pattern
Kard Keeper - Stylish storage for all the extra cards you carry: club cards, frequent shopper or gift cards. Finished size is approximately 2 Ύ” x 4 Ύ”. The pattern is printed on a jumbo postcard with pictures on one side and the instructions on the back.
Item: MIQ348 - Kard Keeper Quilt Pattern
Price: $4.00
Ric Rac Rendezvous Quilt Pattern
Ric Rac Rendezvous - Indulge your table with a fun and fresh look using three fabrics and jumbo ric rac. No batting or binding; the Pellon Dιcor Bond creates a supple but flat table runner with the sleek look of a boutique product. Includes tips for jumbo ric rac and Dιcor Bond. Two styles both 11 ½” x 39”.
Item: MIQ231 - Ric Rac Rendezvous Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Jagged Edges Quilt Pattern
Jagged Edges - Create a color fest with a group of new fabrics or go to your leftovers for even more fun. You can re-cut your pre-cuts! Simple stitch and flip creates the jagged edges of these projects. Wall-36” x 40”, Lap-cover-48” x 64”, Twin-cover-64” x 82” and Queen -96” x 106”.
Item: MIQ232 - Jagged Edges Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
BQ3 Quilt Pattern
BQ3 - Set off a special fabric with a slightly angled segment for more big quilt fun. 18” or 9” blocks and 6 quilts: wall 40” x 40”, large lap 54” x 72”, twin 72” x 90”, queen 90” x 108” in the 18” block and 32” x 41”, 41” x 50” in the 9” block size.
Item: MIQ233 - BQ3 Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Carnival Quilt Pattern
Carnival - Gather a collection of fat quarters, cut and stitch some quick and gentle curves and you will have this eye popping quilt filled with movement. Tutorial included that teaches the cutting curves techniques: inventive rotary cut and machine stitched curves. 4 sizes: wall/crib, lap (shown), twin and queen.
Item: MIQ152 - Carnival Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Frenzy Quilt Pattern
Frenzy - Every stripe will create an entirely different look with this bold project that uses the line of the stripe to make a fun statement. Each block you design will be different and uniquely your own. No triangles to stitch or cut, just squares and rectangles. 35.5" x 35.5".
Item: MIQ153 - Frenzy Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Sidelines Quilt Pattern
Sidelines - Create never ending sidelines around rectangles and squares. Easy for all skill levels but complex, graphic and bold. The 4 Sidelines blocks will create many different looks. Make it mini with half size blocks. Learn to do a partial seam with the tutorial included. Use yardage or FQ’s for the centers. Wall and lap quilts and crib size with mini blocks.
Item: MIQ154 - Sidelines Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Wallet & Grommet Quilt Pattern
Wallet & Grommet - A smaller bag for around town with a simple envelope style wallet for small items. The wallet is also perfect as an envelope for gift cards. The large snap together grommets add a trendy detail. Carry with double handles or over the shoulder one strap. Bag 10" x 11" x 3 ½" flat bottom. Wallet: 8" x 3 Ό".
Item: MIQ 141 - Wallet & Grommet Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Hot Shot Quilt Pattern
Hot Shot - Small squares become hot shots when they seem to float on top of the blocks. Achievable fun for fat quarters or fat eighths. 12" block and 4 sizes of quilts: wall 44"x 44", lap 47"x 59", twin 63"x 87" and queen 87"x 99". One Fat Quarter makes two blocks. The smaller quilts make 1 block from each Fat Quarter and the remainders could be used for pieced binding. Fat Eighths makes 1 block.
Item: MIQ139 - Hot Shot Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Bent Pieces Quilt Pattern
Bent Pieces - Raid your collection of fat quarters and try this fun technique. The 12” block remains the same, the fabric and curve will change. A tutorial is included that teaches the technique for cutting and machine stitching the curves. No templates, this is inventive curved cutting that you will quickly master! The fat quarters you choose need to be at least 21" useable. In these projects, everything is used.
Table Runner: 18" x 54", Lap Quilt: 47 1/2" x 71 1/2". Fabric tips included. These projects were originally published in Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces by Debbie Bowles, which is out of print.
Item: MIQ135 - Bent Pieces Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Eating In Quilt Pattern
Eating In - A great center fabric with a slightly curved border and edge combine for a light-hearted table accent. Try it seasonal, special or every day with easy to achieve curves. The technique is a simple variation of the rotary cut machine stitched inventive curve that turns you into a quilter with curves.
Runner: 14" x 30", Mat: 19" x 19".
Item: MIQ137 - Eating In Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Jam Art Quilt Pattern
Jam Art - Use the popular 2 1/2" strip rolls to create an explosion of dramatic color that combines color and value flow with unexpected design lines. Finish with an unusual border that narrows at the bottom. Choose highly contrasting multiple solids or print fabrics from a color family to create your Jam Art. 36" x 40"
Item: MIQ140 - Jam Art Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
BQ2 Quilt Pattern
BQ2 - BQ2 – Move the center squares off center and cross the frames for more big quilt fun. Easy construction and borderless for an uptempo look. Choose 18” or 13.5” blocks in two quilt sizes each and rotate for many designs. Fabric tips and 9” baby block also included.
Quilt sizes: 18” block: 12 blocks, 54” x 72” and 30 blocks, 90” x 108”.
13.5” block: 20 blocks, 54” x 67.5” and 30 blocks, 67.5” x 81”.
Item: MIQ965 - BQ2 Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Check It Out Quilt Pattern
Check It Out - These 16” blocks are fun to make with strip sets and have a clean look that will delight many age groups. Use multiple frame colors as shown or do your version with fewer colors of frames. Two sizes: 56” x 72” or 40” x 40”. Easy to customize with multiple darks and lights.
Item: MIQ963 - Check It Out Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Baby Grand Quilt Pattern
Baby Grand - Combine a slender curve with straight lines to create an eye catching border for a batik panel as shown or any other special center. Learn a new variation of the Cutting curves technique; inventive rotary cut and machine stitched curves that are achievable for most skill levels. The borders work for multi sized centers: small to 18” x 18” up to 20” x 30”. Pieces finish 10” larger than the panel sizes and make stunning wall pieces or pillow tops. The fabric requirements will make 100” of 5” borders. Use a printed stripe or a pieced stripe.
Item: MIQ962 - Baby Grand Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Grand Opening Quilt Pattern
Grand Opening - Have fun with these easy to stitch little angles and watch them move the eye toward the accent squares. Choose a dark and light with good contrast for the angle block and anything goes for the framed squares. Rotate the blocks for design options. Cover quilts show variations in fabric selection and are described on page 3 with fabric tips. Three sizes:28” x 48” wall, 36” x 48” crib and 48” x 68” lap.
Item: MIQ961 - Grand Opening Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Long Lines Quilt Pattern
Long Lines - Just a dark, light and one or many accents will create this eye catching maze with lines that run up, down and across your project. A large print and block rotations will produce many different designs. 5 sizes: wall quilts 44” x 32”or 22” x 28”, table runners 18” x 48”or 16” x 40” or four placemats 12” x 18”.
Item: MIQ952 - Long Lines Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Over and Under Quilt Pattern
Over and Under - Weave raw edge strips onto a fabric base for a border that is as fun to look at as it is to do. After weaving, stitch the strips with fancy threads or decorative stitching and finish with buttons, trims or any embellishment that you can think of. Two center sizes are perfect for showcasing great fabric, orphan quilt blocks, an embellished project or even a T-shirt. 26” x 26” or 28” x 34”.
Item: MIQ812 - Over and Under Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
BQ Quilt Pattern
BQ - Showcase your fabrics with 18” quilt blocks featuring an off center 12” square. No inset seams and borderless for an up tempo look. Build the Big Quilt in sets of 6 blocks, choosing the number of fabrics that are perfect for your project. Pattern includes 90” x 108” 30 blocks (shown), 54” x 72”-12 blocks and 48” x 48” - 4 block wall quilt. Pattern also includes BBQ, Baby Big Quilt with a 9” version of the same quilt block.
Item: MIQ705 - BQ Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Tripster Quilt Pattern
Tripster - A generous quilted tote bag with many options for finishing and decorating. You will piece an inventive rotary cut and machine stitched curve for the handles with my achievable curve technique and create a focal band of odd shapes that will dance across the bag using one of my fun dancing techniques. Finish the bag with a turn down lining, load it up and off you go. Flat bottom 14” x 14” x 5” or envelope style 19 ” x 17”.
Item: MIQ704 - Tripster Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Splashy Squares Quilt Pattern
Splashy Squares - Begin with squares and diagonal cuts. Slice, swap and use a fun raw edge idea to eliminate the seam allowances and create unusual new squares. Blocks are 14” and 7” and the quilts are 42” x 42” and 21” x 42”. Benartex has kitted these projects, ask your local quilt shop about the kits. Also looks great with regular stripes and large prints. Requires zigzag or decorative stitching.
Item: MIQ661 - Splashy Squares Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Posh Quilt Pattern
Posh - This 16” quilt block is similar to some versions of the Columbian Puzzle block. Choose complete pinwheels or mix the centers of some blocks. You will stitch, flip and trim then use those cutaway triangles and rickrack for a very frugal fun border. Show off fancy thread and decorative stitches on the stitched border. 42” x 42” and 58” x 74”.
Item: MIQ657 - Posh Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Spotlight Quilt Pattern
Spotlight - Use a wonderful stripe to create the interior frame for a special fabric or group of quilt blocks. An achievable stitch and flip forms the bold corner rectangles. Easy instructions for resizing to accommodate other center sizes than shown (16” x 20”). 32” x 36”.
Item: MIQ656 - Spotlight Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Snibbles Quilt Pattern
Snibbles - Have some frugal fun as you gather those leftover pieces of binding or partial strips from other projects and make this collection quilt. Stitch and flip around an exposed center foundation adding an accent fabric that repeats to move the eyes around the quilt. Lots of fun and easy stitching! 3 different blocks, 30” x 26” and 56” x 68”.
Item: MIQ655 - Snibbles Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Eureka Quilt Pattern
Eureka - A little arty, exciting and bold. Eureka will teach you the template free rotary cut and machine stitched inventive curve technique. If you haven't explored curves this may be for you. A great quilting project to try out colorful fabrics and have fun with design. Both quilts are 36" x 48"
Item: MIQ544 - Eureka Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Betsey Quilt Pattern
Betsey - Create a collection quilt or choose just a few favorite stripes to spotlight in this fun take off on the traditional Susannah block. 14" blocks. Crib quilt 36" x 42", lap quilt 52" x 70" , twin quilt 66" x 84".
Item: MIQ543 - Betsey Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Turnabout Quilt Pattern
Turnabout - Have fun with value and contrast as the quilt squares seem to turn. No inset pieces or templates, just an easy stitch and flip. wall quilt 30" x 30", crib quilt 29" x 40".
Item: MIQ542 - Turnabout Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Squiggles Quilt Pattern
Squiggles - Choose your way to create this template free 16" quilt block. The squiggle can be the lighter fabric and all different or the darker fabric and repeated. Even the block borders can be changed. Three sizes 40" x 40", lap quilt 40" x 60" or twin quilt 60" x 80".
Item: MIQ531 - Squiggles Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Frames Quilt Pattern
Frames - Create a bold frame for fabric you love using this easy template free long angle. Fun to do, the frame angle keeps your eye moving around these quilted wall hangings. Three sizes: 30" x 36", 36" by 42" or 28" x 34".
Item: MIQ425 - Frames Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Options Quilt Pattern
Options - This easy to construct 10" quilt block will give you many design options. The look can be dramatically changed with contrast and value of the four fabrics. The large quilt was made with 2 sets of block fabrics, 24 blocks of each group of 4 fabrics. Three sizes, 37" x 37", lap quilt 46" x 66" and twin quilt 66" x 86"
Item: MIQ424 - Options Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Amazing Quilt Pattern
Amazing - One easy segment in many lengths creates the effect of a maze to follow on these 20" quilt blocks. Choose highly contrasting fabrics for the spiral to show. Two sizes: 44" x 44" and 64" x 80"
Item: MIQ423 - Amazing Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Pot Luck Quilt Pattern
Pot Luck - Designed for collectors; dig into your inventory for this quilt. Stripes printed on the bias are easy fun for block edges. No templates, just one segment edged and turned to create the 12" blocks. Fat quarters may be used. Three sizes: crib quilt 32" x 44", lap quilt 44" x 68" or queen quilt 80" x 104"
Item: MIQ318 - Pot Luck Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Flight Quilt Pattern
Flight - These long angles create movement all over the quilt. Choose high contrast to see the blocks and stars, low contrast for a more subtle look. No templates; slightly creative cutting. Tutorial included for long bias seams. 16" blocks, three sizes: wall quilt 38" x 38", lap quilt 54" x 70" or queen quilt 86" x 102".
Item: MIQ316 - Flight Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Show Off Quilt Pattern
Show Off - Use these simple lines to show off something fun or special colors. Great for your color collections. 10" blocks, four sizes: crib quilt 42" x 52", lap quilt 52" x 72", twin quilt 72" x 92" queen quilt 92" x 102".
Item: MIQ315 - Show Off Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Celebrate Quilt Pattern
Celebrate - Traditionally pieced then cut down on a tilt make this 16” block almost spin. This fun cut block is self bordered with segments that can form a secondary pattern if the contrast is strong. Variable width multi color, high or low contrast or blurry and irregular stripes will all create interesting projects! Wall/table mat 25” x 41”, Crib 36” x 48” and Lap 48” x 64”.
Item: MIQ309 - Celebrate Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Dancing Quilt Pattern
Dancing - Begin with squares, double diagonal cut and finish with a row of dancing triangles that have the raw edges bound with decorative stitching. No templates, this is a technique I call overstitching. Easy to design your own look, make all the rows different or repeat some fabrics. This pattern is also in the book, Dancing Quilts from Straight Pieces. Two sizes: 30" x 40" or 57" x 72".
Item: MIQ308 - Dancing Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Piqued Quilt Pattern
Piqued - These peaks will pique everyone's attention. Simply made with a dark, light, accent peaks and something fun for the inner border, the quilting projects stitch easily using a stitch and flip to create the peaks. Three sizes: 40" x 28", baby quilt size 36" x 48" or lap quilt 40" x 64".
Item: MIQ306 - Piqued Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Satisfaction Quilt Pattern
Satisfaction - You'll be very satisfied with yourself when these strips are snaking across your quilted wall hanging. Choose good contrast for the two fabrics. A tutorial is included that tells and shows the mechanics of this new technique for cutting and machine stitching the curves. No templates, this is inventive curved cutting and piecing that you will quickly master. Satisfaction is also in the book, Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces. 47" x 38".
Item: MIQ304 - Satisfaction Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Pagodas Quilt Pattern
Pagodas - 12" quilt blocks that have curves going around the center, how did you do that? Choose good contrast for the three fabrics. A tutorial is included that tells and shows the mechanics of this new technique for cutting and machine stitching the curves. No templates, this is inventive curved cutting and piecing that you will quickly master. This quilt pattern is also in the book, Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces. Simply Quilts #749. Three sizes: 32" x 32", 48" x 48" and 60" x 72".
Item: MIQ302 - Pagodas Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Marbles Quilt Pattern
Marbles - Choose a fun stripe and a beautiful hand dyed or commercial marbled fabric and you are ready to play Marbles. A good quilting project to "try out" working with stripes. Two sizes: 37" x 44" and 80" x 98".
Item: MIQ131 - Marbles Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Puzzler Quilt Pattern
Puzzler - Puzzler pieces quickly and creates a big, splashy look. Choose a bold and a quiet fabric from three color families and piece the quilt block in four fabric combinations. The wall hanging uses two fabrics plus assorted fabrics for the corner triangles. 8" blocks, three sizes: wall quilt 38" x 38", twin quilt 57" x 89" or queen quilt 81" x 97".
Item: MIQ121 - Puzzler Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Choices Quilt Pattern
Choices - The Choices block creates a dramatic and linear look with three fabrics and one shape. The quilt blocks piece quickly and offer many options for the final quilt top design. Because the pieces are large, the design of the fabric becomes a focal point and is a great quilting project for some of the special fabrics available. A fun quilt for quilters of many skill levels. 12" blocks: 60" x 60".
Item: MIQ115 - Choices Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Keep Out Quilt Pattern
Keep Out - This traditional quilt block looks new when combined with accent pinwheels, stripes and multiple prints. Great for color collections. 12" blocks: 45" x 69".
Item: MIQ114 - Keep Out Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Flipped Out Quilt Pattern
Flipped Out - A fun piece that keeps the eye moving. Recutting a traditionally pieced quilt block creates the askew look. 6" blocks in four color combinations. 43" x 55".
Item: MIQ113 - Flipped Out Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00
Confusion Quilt Pattern
Confusion - As Seen On Simply Quilts #622. Confusion is a lively piece achievable by quilters of all levels. If you can cut strips and squares, you can create Confusion! A variety of final designs are possible to make this piece uniquely your own. Piece an oversized quilt block, tilt and re-cut using the trimming for the pieced border. 6" blocks: 45" x 69".
Item: MIQ112 - Confusion Quilt Pattern
Price: $9.00

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